Datastage training in hyderabad

Datastage training in Hyderabad
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Data warehousing technologies  at  Hyderabad

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Course content

Types of datawarehouses

Datawarehouse implementation approaches

Datawarehouse architecture

Etl products


datawarehouse designs
what is a dimention table

types of dimension tables
types of fact tables

modeling tools available in the market

datawarehouse life cycle

Hld & lld

datastage introduction

datastage versions

new features in datastage 8.1

change data capture

new functions existing stages

database repository

ibm websphere datastage &quality stage 8.1

ibm information server architecture

ibm info sphere data stage with in the ibm

datastage designer

data stage job

data stage ee canvas

ds stages & usages

sequential file stage

file set stage

data set stage

diff b/w sequential file,file set & data set

look-up file set stage

processing stages(sort stage)

modify stage

keeping &dropping fields

data type conversion errors

funnel stage

remove duplicate stage

encode/decode stages

transformer stage

filter stage

surrogate key generator stage

copy stage

aggregator stage

join stage

lookup stage

merge stage

row generator stage

column generator stage

xml input stage

xml out put stage

peek stage

switch stage

change capture stage

change apply stage

difference stage

compare stage

compress & expands stage

pivot stage

head stage

tail stage

database stages(db2/udb enterprise stage)

oracle enterprise stage
slowly changing dimentions

partitioning & collecting methods

types of partitions

collecting methods

round robin

sorted merge

ordered collection

configuration file

sample configuration file for an mpp

setting job partners

saving & importing meta data

runtime column propagation

data stage functions

date & time functions

logical functions

matematical functions

null handling functions

number functions

type casting,string functions

type conversion functions

utility functions,environment variable settings

job sequencing

activity stages

data stage director

data stage admininstrator

performance tuning

configuration files

optimizing parallelism

sequential file stages(import & export)

transformer & null handling & reject links

conditionally aborting jobs

appropriate use of aql & data stage stages

data bes eopen & closed commands

oracle data base commands

tips for debugging enterprise edition jobs

performance tips for job design

performance monitoring & tuning

eliminating repartitions

ensuring data is evently partitioned

combinable operators

commands frequently used

filters in sequential file

job review check list

useing the command line interface for data stage

commands for killing data stage jobs on ds server

commands for unlocking a job

commands to list ip address connect to ds server

orch admin commands


seg key

set ds params from file

interview questions